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Approving a Denied Patch on an Endpoint

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I've got an issue that's driving me up the wall.  I have a patch (KB3177467) that's showing up as Missing Denied in the Patch Status for a couple of machines.  The thing that's driving me nuts is the patch in question is approved by the policy.  The patch is installing on other machines but is showing up as Missing Denied on at least two machines so far.  And since the patch is a prerequisite for another patch I do want to get it installed.  I tried moving the two machines to a the Deny All patch membership and removing them from the current membership and re-scanning the machines, then putting them back into the membership group that the other machines are in and scanning again with no luck.

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  • Trevor- If you are using patch management and review the Patch Policy and then go to approval by patch and search for that KB do you have Mixed under approval status or is it straight denied /approved?

    This would detail what policy may be causing the issue.

    Just a thought as I had that in the past as well

  • This particular patch isn't listed in there so I'm safe there at least.