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Patch KB4056892 for Spectre and Meltdown Exploits on Intel Processors

  • Tony, just use the SetRegistryValue command in the procedure and put the full path including the value. then put 0 for the data and set type to DWORD. Run it and confirm. Works for me.

  • Since you are updating the a registry key within the SOFTWARE key make sure you use this in your procedure:



    Data to write: 0

    Data type: REG_DWORD

  • Even after doing that and scanning, we are not seeing all of the updates listed here: helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../115003793172-Meltdown-and-Spectre-FAQs

    Specifically these two are missing in Kaseya's list of patches


    KB4058702 <- Most Windows 10 machines we have encountered are getting this automatically

    We also have the issue of KB4056898 not showing as needing to be installed on Windows 2012 R2 machines despite the registry key being in place and it being approved in Kaseya.

    All of these updates are showing in the update catalog and i could download and install manually. It's frustrating that Kaseya is unable to handle them.

  • We are experiencing the same problem, but as far as I can see only Windows 10 1709 is affected.

    According to our distributor (Upstream - the people behind the Kaseya Power Pack), Kaseya is aware of this problem and working on a solution.

  • I'm not sure - we seem to have a a similar with Windows 2008,  where KB4056897 is not listed but KB4056894 (the monthly roll-up) is showing and Windows 2012, with KB4056898 not listed but KB4056896 available.

  • Any updates? I'm about to create an agent procedure that installs these patches that are missing from Kaseya Patch Management.