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Patch KB4019112 Failed to Install

  • I've been seeing a ton of "Patch KB4019112 Failed to Install" errors on devices lately. Has anybody else seen these failures? Does anyone know of a workaround?


  • I am seeing the same thing with my clients. The majority of failed patches are KB4019112. The machines I had to get fully patched I had to install manually.

    I have not come up with a good way to get it installed yet.

  • Yup, an absolute shed-load here. What I have noticed is that "try, try and try again" seems to work in some instances: I had one client where after 12 failed attempts to apply the patch, number 13 was the charm! :-)

    I wonder if we're seeing something similar to the IE11 installer; this package had a number of pre-requisite patches rolled into it and this too often needed multiple attempts to succeed, almost as if the individual updates are being applied one or two at a time until, finally, the patch completes.

  • Try after removing patch location and making it to Internet-based Install Only

    Go here to do this; Patch Management>Patch Parameters>Patch Location> select the radio button in front of patch and click Remove from top of page

  • I just set it to be an internet-based install. Set a few machines to install and will check on them here in a little later and let you all know how it goes.

  • Setting it to be an Internet-based Install seems to be the trick. They are all seeming to take the install just fine. Machines that were trying to install before I made that change are failing but when I do it again it goes through just fine.

    Thanks for your help guys.

  • Are guys setting a single patch to be Internet-Based Install? If so, how? I haven't seen a method for this.

  •  Simpy follow the instructions that  posted above.  Basically if you remove the default "patch source" then the patch management engine will go out to the internet for the download.