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Limit Windows Update size, or break up updates depending on file size

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Our organization includes about a hundred VMWare VM's. Our VM's are set up in such a way that they are limited in how much space is available. The C drive alone has 40GB, with a DataDisk at 15GB, and a DisposableDisk at 5GB. 

Lately, during the Patch process, the drives have been getting filled to the max, in fact even though I have the "Choose the largest drive" option selected it seems to be picking the smallest (DisposableDisk) drive. 

Is there a way to limit the amount of updates are done at a time to something like 3 or 4GB in size. Then once those updates are done, delete the temp files and then do more updates.

As it is, the updates download but don't install because the disk gets full.


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  • Aside from approving updates in small batches, or manually triggering updates a few at a time, no.

    I can easily get 1Gb+ worth of updates in a single monthly cycle these days , this will get worse now cumulative updates mean even just "one" update can be half a gigabyte or more, some months.

    Simply put, you just need more diskspace.