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Patch Roll-up release schedules

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I have been searching for any sign of a release schedule for the new new Roll-up patches being released.

We have had an issue overnight where a customer did patching and the november roll-up patch was only released this morning by kaseya.

Second part of the question

Once Microsoft releases the patch - how long does it take Kaseya to release the MS Patch to the VSA - so it can be installed.

The november patch release looks like it was released by MS on the 8/11/2-16 - but Kaseya released it today - 11/11/2016

Can anyone shed some light on this


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    Patches populating to VSA are not related to Kaseya "releasing" them, but rather the configuration of your patch scan.  Patch Scan discovers patches needed by the machines in your environment.  The process is described in the article here:  helpdesk.kaseya.com/.../229010388-Why-can-t-I-see-a-patch-in-my-VSA-that-I-know-has-been-released-by-Microsoft-

    If the behavior you are seeing is different than what is described in the article, I recommend you open a ticket with Support (helpdesk.kaseya.com) to investigate what may be causing the issue.

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  • Brande - thanks for the prompt response. We run 3 patch scans a week Mon- Wed - Fri - to make sure if a patch is released we will have it in our VSA.

    Do you know if the patch releases from microsoft are going to continue being the 2nd Tuesday (Patch Tuesday) or is this going to change for the new Monthly Rollup patches