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Monthly Rollups for all Microsoft

  • it seems that Microsoft is changing the way they do patching for all Operating Systems.


  • Yes, it appears they are moving away from fine grained controls (i.e. being able to pick and choose individual patches) to a single patch provided on a monthly basis which includes multiple issue fixes.   While end-users will still have the ability to scan for compliance, install, schedule, etc..., MS is no longer going to be supplying individual fixes.

  • Will this affect Kaseya in anyway?

  • ill let Mike and the team weigh in on any technical issues.

    to me i dont think this is a kaseya problem, i think its going to be more of an RMM problem. from my understanding we are losing the granularity of approving/denying individual KBs and now have to approve/deny an entire rollup.

  • I started a new thread here, would love it if folks could weigh in on my assessment of the situation and share what you're doing about this change: community.kaseya.com/.../22337.aspx