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Microsoft starts pushing Windows 10 as recommended update.

  • Articles like this are blowing up today: http://www.zdnet.com/article/microsoft-starts-pushing-windows-10-as-a-recommended-update/

    Does anyone know what classification this update really is? Does it have a KB? With Kaseya we just have the classifications listed below. No clue where recommended update would fall under those. Possibly a new classification?

    * Security Update - Critical (High Priority)
    * Security Update - Important (High Priority)
    * Security Update - Moderate (High Priority)
    * Security Update - Low (High Priority)
    * Security Update - Non-rated (High Priority)
    * Critical Update (High Priority)
    * Update Rollup (High Priority)
    * Service Pack (Optional - Software)
    * Update (Optional - Software)
    * Feature Pack (Optional - Software)
    * Tool (Optional - Software)-

  • Looks like they are still using the same KB number - 3035583  and have just moved it from Optional to Recommended....but I am not 100% on that

  • They were also using 3012973 not too long ago...

  • ...apparently there is no KB number - www.infoworld.com/.../new-details-emerge-about-forced-windows-10-upgrade-and-how-to-block-it.html

  • ...which actually prompts a question:  Will this update show up in Patch Management?

  • karoded,

    This KB article describes how/whether/when patches appear in the VSA:


    If the patch is not in the Microsoft Update Catalog, it will not appear in the VSA after patch scan.  You can search the catalog to determine whether the update in question is included in the MS catalog.

  • Procedure Prevent Win 10.zip

    Here's a procedure I'm using, pushs the disable notification and disable OSUpgrade keys.

  • Very cool, thanks for sharing!

  • Yes - thank you bctirado, very helpful