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Search for who has a particular patch installed

  • I'm new to Kaseya so please forgive what I think will be an easy one.

    How can I pull a report of who has a particular KB installed?

  •  the simplest thing to do is to create a view in Kaseya to show all the systems that have (or don't have) the particular patch.

    At the top of the window there is a filter bar - Machine ID, Machine Group, and View.    To create a new view, change the view to "<No View>", and click the Edit button.

    Next, in the box that opens up, name the view (#1), then go to the Patch Management section (#2), and locate and check the box next to the line "Machines with installed patch ... " (#3), and finally put the KB article in the box (#4).   Note that you only put the digits, do not include the "KB"..    Lastly Save the view.

    To use the view, you simply select it at the top of the screen.

    You can easily do the reverse of this by selecting the line above it "Machines missing patch..."