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Slow Patch Deployment

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We are seeing very slow deployment of patches to our Windows Server 2008R2 servers.  It is taking approx 15-20mins per patch.

Looking at the windowsupdate.log file it appears that for every patch the download and install takes a couple of minutes but then it re-scans again which takes about 20 mins to complete. This process repeats for each patch.

Deployment of 40 patches took about 6 hours with Kaseya and about 45 minutes using the Windows Update UI.  I have tried with four different servers and this occurs on all of them.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior, is this typical?

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  • We are seeing this same issue on  a wide range of servers. It does seem the newer servers are a lot faster. We haven't really investigated that after we had some issues a few months back.

    That certainly goes for Windows 8 versus Windows 8.1 patching. And looking at the impact of patching on PC's were people happen to be still working, that's a difference of day and night. In speed and impact there is default a factor 5 and up to 10 difference in speed and impact.

    We do see that since we are using R8 things have been better.

    Regards, Eric.