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How can I user Lancache with Patch Management

  • We are currently running patch management on a few sites and I would like to incorporate Lancache in with patch management.. Right now the patch management is downloaded patches directly from Microsoft.. I would like to use Lancache to capture the patch downloads automatically, and then the clients would get the patches from the Lancache client instead of the internet. Please advise as to how I would set this up.

  • bdavis,

    Navigate to Patch Management > File Source.  Select the endpoints, and select the LAN Cache radio button.  Click Apply.

    Please note that if a LAN Cache is NOT already assigned to endpoints, you will be prompted by the patch module to assign a LAN Cache.  Using Patch Management to assign the LAN Cache will only allow you to assign a single LAN Cache to all selected, unassigned machines.  If you have multiple LAN Caches, either assign them first using the Agent > Assign LAN Cache function OR be sure your machines selected on the Patch > File Source function all need the same LAN Cache.

    If a LAN Cache is already assigned to all selected machines, the appropriate LAN Cache will be associated to each endpoint for the file source.