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How to disable Kaseya Patch Management

  • Hi,

    I'm new using Kaseya and I couldn't figure it out if t's possible to disable the Kaseya Patch Management for a specific machine group? Due to our organization policy we cannot use any other service or application to handle Windows Updates, just WSUS.

    I check that there is not a specific option to disable this option in Kaseya.

  • There's nothing to disable.  Just don't schedule patch scans or installs on machines in that group.

  • Max Pruger,

    I found that patch scans are under Patch Management>Manage Machine>Scan Machine. Where is located the "installs on machine" option?

  • Automatic Update.  Just make sure that none of the machines are scheduled to automatically update themselves.  

    To be clear, this is not turned on by default.  Unless you're using Policy Management or Copying Settings, the machines won't use Kaseya to patch themselves.  Plus if you don't schedule a patch scan then Kaseya won't know what to patch since it won't know which patches are installed and which are missing.