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Generate Kaseya alarm when system event log id=6008 message is generated.

  • Hey Guys,


    have you any idea, how to configure alarm set to get a alert from Kaseya when system event log id=6008 message is generated?


    Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Monitoring / Alerts / Event Logs - Pick your log - create an event set and specify the event apply to machine.

    Ensure under agent tab that you are collecting the event log for that specific machine and the correct logs.

  • Go to Monitor > Agent Monitoring > Alerts

    From the Select Alert function drop down select Event Logs, which gives you another drop down and select System

    You should then see a new box in the middle of the screen that says define events to match or ignore

    Drop the menu down here and select new event set

    In the pop up that comes up type in a memorable name (i.e. 6008 Unexpected Shutdown)

    and then hit new

    In the next Window enter in 6008 in the event ID section (if you want to fill in the source filter and description filter to narrow it down a bit, use *xxx* so for example you could enter into the description filter *shutdown*, but DO NOT do this without using an event id or a slow K Server you will have), then click add.

    click save or deploy

    This takes you back to the main screen.  

    Select the event set, and whether its an error or a warning (or whatever for other alerts), set Alert when this event occurs once (in this case, the other options come in useful for other alerts) and how long you want to ignore other alerts, (in this case probably none!)

    Select the machines you want to assign this set to

    Then at the top select whether you want an Alarm, Ticket, Script or an email to be done.

    Then click apply.

    N.B. you will need to have the machine selected collecting Event logs (errors and warnings most likely) in order for this set to work.  Set this from Agent > Machine Status > Log History / Event Log settings.

  • Thank you R...Its good one!!!