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Monitor Backup Exec 8

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Does anybody have a monitor set to monitor Backup Exec backups? I have been using GFI in the past which is easy to set up, just select which backup application you are using and what days the backup runs on. But I am having trouble finding what Event ID's i need to monitor and check for.

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  • backup_exec.txt

    Here's the set that I use, I'm not sure if it will work with BE8, I use it for BE12/12.5

  • Thanks a lot.

    What does it check for/cover? I just want to know if there is any failure in the backup.

  • how do i import this? it says The Monitor Set was not a valid Kaseya Monitor Set xml format. Error: 0

  • Sorry, i was in the wrong place, I figured it out. Im just tired :D

  • It check for most failure reasons (at least the ones that I've bothered to look for)

  • Just curious.  Is it better to monitor by source/word (monitor from source=Backup Exec and description='Failed', canceled...etc) or monitor by Event ID?  We are currently getting started with monitoring Backup Exec and Windows NT / Windows 2008 backups

  • For 12.5 and some earlier versions if you go to the Backup Exec media server under the Alerts tab, on left had side there is "Configure Alert Category" This will pull up window that tells you all of the alerts possible in BE and tell you what Event ID it uses in the Event logs. You can then craft your Event Sets to meat your needs.

    Example: I have 4 sets: 1 for queued media, one for job failures, one for hardware failures and one for jobs completed successfully. I could possibly combine some of the sets and may at some point, but I think that gives you one way of dealing with it. I have the all Backup Exec related alerts emailed to a distribution group so that when I check backups in the morning I don't have remote to the machines unless there is a failure.

  • Event ID 34113 is registered for almost all backup exec failures.  There are other errors generated, but whent he job ends and it end with error status Backup exec records 34113.  So if a tape was bad, it would first record the error for the tape, then it would record 34113 for the job failure due to a bad tape. (for cancelled its 34114).

    So as a general summary of what i do

    I setup kaseya to alarm for any error or warning.

    I then produce alert sets to ignore anything that can be ignored.

    If something needs specific action of needs an email as well as an alarm, i set a specific monitor for it (for example *Backup Exec* 34113)

    I also set up a monitor set for the backup Exec services, so that I get alerted if they stop.

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  • @Rohop,

    Care to upload your sets?


    This is EXACTLY what I am doing, NT Backup is easy, 8019 is the job complete ID.

    A fail and a Success will both post 8019 to say if it failed or if it successfully completed.

    Then to report on this, i made 2 agent procedures, one that writes backup failed and backup succeeded to the procedure log, then a procedure log report filtering on the procedure log entries, it works well.

    Symantec is *** and i hate it, i cant seem to find a way to monitor and report on these kinds of backups