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Event Logging

  • Dear forum members,

    I have a problem with monitoring the event logs. I have made 3 event sets:

    Eventset 1: Log all events make an alarm and send an email of them.
    Eventset 2: Ignor several events.
    Eventset 3: Log all backup events and create a ticket of them.

    If i enable evenset 1 and 2 it's working as it should be. The event i would log i get and the events i dont want to be logd aren't be logd.

    But if i enable eventset 3, eventset 1 and 2 don't work any more. It looks like eventset 3 overrull eventset 1 and 2.

    Any solution for this?


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  • Try to reapply the event sets to the agent machine and see what happens.

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