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Alert and group alarm

  • Our service desk employees are looking to the group alarm status window. It gives a great overview of all alarms. We have defined some monitor sets, add some group alarm columns and attached the monitor set to the new created group alarm. Doing so, we can define our own group alarm status windows.

    BUT: all window events are dropped in one column: events.

    For a better overview, we want to drop events that come into a alert state, are dropped in a new created column. For example, all warnings are dropped in a group alarm 'event warning', all application events are droppend in a group alarm 'event application'.

    Is this possible? Or is it possible in the new kaseya 2008 release?

    thank you for your informatie

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  • It was a nice idea. I'd tried something similar yet am relegated to the "Events" column. I hope this is addressed in Kaseya 6.

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