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Duplicate detection fails on event set.

  • I have the following alert definition:

    For of type Error, alert when event occurs 1 time(s) within 1 day, ignore additional alarms for 1 day: Create alarm, send e-mail to support (at) mycompany.com

    Essentially, for any unique error event seen in the Application or system log (same definition is created for both logs) inside of a 24 hour period, I want only one alert and one alert only (unless other definitions says otherwise).

    This works brilliantly. Except on one computer and for one specific Application event error.

    I have wiped out the event set definitions for said server, and then painstakingly re-created all the definitions for both Application and System log, but we're still getting multiple alerts per minute on one specific event.

    The event is question is SQLServer event id 14420. It's a simple misconfiguration of the SQLServer and easily fixed. But that's not the issue. The issue is that we're getting pummeled with alerts and e-mails, when it specifically says only once in 1 day...

    Any one got any ideas or seen something similar?

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  • this is basic, but... have you rebooted the server sicne changing and deploying the revised event set(s) ?


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