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set up Dell Open Mange alerts

  • Is there any way to get alerts in email thru kaseya for Dell Open Manage???

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  • Here's what we do....

    We create (or modify the existing on from K) an event set to have all of the type of dell alerts we want to monitor for. When this alert is detected, we then have an email sent to whoever gets the alerts.

    Next, we go into Open Manage, go to the alert management tab, and make sure to check off alert on console for every system event (this is our way of making sure the event is recorded in event logs).

    OH and don't forget to setup the event log settings under the agent tab in K for the server (s) you wish to monitor. Cause if you don't setup K to capture the events from the system logs, you won't be able to monitor them!

    Finally, why not take a minute and go the extra step? I have ALL of my Admins do this:

    Go to report tab in K and select logs function. Create a new report that runs against the system log for these dell events. Save it. Then go to schedule and have it email this report daily (or weekly) to the Admin (as well as a Sr Mgr or owner). This a easy CYA report to create!

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