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Question about Eventlog events

  • Hi chaps,

    I'm creating some eventlog based event sets to monitor the app and sys logs for various things.

    If I create a new Event Set and assign it a name, I'm asked to add new lines with boxes for "Source Filter", "Category Filter", "Event ID", "User Filter" etc.

    If I add multiple entries for these will they operate on an OR or an AND basis? If i add event id 7 and 11, will the event occur on either event id 7 OR 11 or if multiple entries are found with both 7 AND 11 ?

    Hope that makes sense.


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  • It works on an OR basis.
    If any one of the specified criteria are met, it will trigger your desired action.

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  • Olly,

    Hello. one additional point.... I believe the following to be true, others may want to confirm...

    Also be aware that the Ignore Additional Alarms for X minutes/hours/days applies to the entire Event Set. So if you are watching for event 1001, 1002, 1003, 1004, 1005 in the same Event Set, and event 1002 occurs, your specified Target Action will occur (ie. alarm, senbd email, run script, etc.).

    If you also configure Kaseya to Ignore Additional Alarms for 2 hours, and event 1003 occurs a few minutes later, and then event 1004 occurs a few minutes later, etc. - those subsequent events will all be ignored for that time duration.

    Hope this makes sense...


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