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Feature Request - Consolidate Event Alarms

  • I had this feature in my last monitoring program and I think it would be beneficial in Kaseya.
    Consolidate event alerts:
    Currently if the same event id happens X times in a day, we recieve X alarms reduced only be the re-arm function.
    Rather than display 5 seperate alarms for say and event 9156. Kaseya should have a consolidate option to appear as 1 alarm. The alarm should include the date/time the event alarm was created and the last date time it re-occured with the total number of occurences in that range:

    For example: Application Alert Event ID 9158 - Created:11:06:40 pm 3-Dec-08 -Last:07:16:00 am 4-Dec-08 - No. of Occurences: 5

    Currently we only can control the quantity with the Re-Arm function but that misrepresents how many times an alarm may be repeating itself.

    This would reduce the clutter of alarms in the event log.
    Any feedback?

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  • FYI:

    There is a "Feature Request" section of the forum where this would be better posted.

    I think this would apply to the "Virtual Systems Administrator Core Functionality".

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  • Thanks for the pointer. I will post it in there.

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