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Suspend alarms for a period

  • Hi.
    The problem goes like this, when some of our customers backup jobs are running we get a lot of  Pages/sec and Physical disk queue length alarms.
    Is it possible to automaticly suspend certain alarms for a period of time?


  • You can schedule alarm suspensions in the Monitor -> Status -> Suspend Alarm section.

    Just choose the machine on which you want to suspend the alarms, choose the date and time you want to suspend the alarm, check run recurring every 1 day and choose the amount of time you want to suspend the alarm, then click schedule.

    Say you run backups at 11pm, you can choose to suspend alarms for 2 hours starting at 11pm every day.  An issue I see is that you never know exactly how long a backup is going to take.

    As far as automatically suspending alarms when the backup starts and enabling alarms when the backup finishes, I do not think there is a way to do this.  I think this would be an excellent addition to the available step types in agent procedures.

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  • As for the question of suspending certain alarms, no. You can suspend all or none, there is not yet the option to only suspend select alarms. This would be a great feature though.

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