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Agent down - automated email notifications

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I am looking for suggestions on ways to automate a notification process to our clients that one or more of their computers is failing to check in. 

Here is what I had for an idea but it doesn't look like it will work how I hoped:

-Agent status alert - hasn't checked in for 14 days

-Alert triggers "Email notification" procedure

-"Email notification" procedure pulls the machine name from a variable (don't think this works when triggered off the alert) and sends a fully customized (because it's a procedure) email to the organization representative.

"Hello, you are receiving this notification because #machinename# has not checked in for 14 days or more. Please contact us at 1800-blah-haha. Thank you and have a great day."

I figured I could start this at a policy level, make duplications of it and plug in the desired email for each organization. Seems like a bit of work to get it going but shouldn't take too much to maintain. But unfortunately, like i said in the start, doesn't look like things will work this way. Any ideas?

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  • Hi Rshaw,

    The way that I have setup this is create a report on a Monthly bases of machines which haven't checked in within a period of time and email this to the desired contact.

    Within the email that is send you can include what text you would like in the body of the email.


  • Yeah that would definitely work. I'll keep that tucked in my back pocket. Really would have liked to get this triggered off an alert but it appears that alarms that run scripts will only actually run when the agent comes back online. Completely defeats my purpose there.

  • Our ticket processing system has that capability. Any alert can be mapped to agent procedures, passing up to 4 variables; invoke on-demand modules to perform specific tasks, etc.. Plus, there are 24 event values that can be used to provide custom data, along with up to 10 custom fields per event (any custom field, just any 10 per event). The on-demand module would be the solution for you as it can perform tasks not dependent on any specific agent.

    With a table of org, email contact, contact name and a general message with macros for dynamic replacement, it would be trivial to configure and maintain.

    Our existing Agent Offline code module logs and drops alerts from agents in a workstations group, but actually checks the agent in a servers group (including workstation O/S) and passes the alert to the PSA only if it is still offline, reducing false alerts. Most MSPs don't want workstation offline alerts and send monthly reports to customers to review and adjust, but you provide an interesting alternative. The "From" address could even be adjusted dynamically to appear to come from your PSA, with macros inserted so if the customer responded, it would auto-create an appropriate, classified ticket in your PSA.