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Auto close alarm when ticket closes

  • We are using the Alarms dashboard to get a quick view of any alert/alarms present, tickets are also logged against alerts/alarms

    Enable auto close of alarms and tickets is turned which works in the event something returns to normal, the alarm and associated ticket is closed

    However if an alarm/alert is generated from a windows event log for example, with an associated ticket, when a team member works on the issue and closes the ticket, the alarm/alert remains red until manually cleared

    Is there anyway to enable closing an alarm/alert when the associated ticket is closed?

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  • Are you using Classic Ticketing, or a PSA like BMS?

  • Currently using auto-task integration via MSP Assist where the ticket is created in the Service Desk module and synced across to auto-task. our team works from autotask to update/close tickets, which then closes the ticket in kaseya service desk

  • I would recommend checking with MSPAssist (Paul) as their integration should be bi-directional.