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Data Keys for e-mail formats List?

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When formatting e-mail alerts, there's a list of a few keys in the bottom section but it doesn't display the whole list.  Is there a resource for this somewhere?  Ideally, I'm actually hoping to parse in the name of the Log Parser Set (the actual parameters that determine what in the logs trigger an alert).  "Log Parser Set Name" actually just passes the name of the log parser itself, so that's not the right one.  I want the Name/Description of the individual Log Parser Set's themselves.  

Even the Format E-mail section itself has undocumented extra parameters, like "ID" for example is the Machine/Group ID but isn't listed in the table below.  

Data Keys Description  
<ec> Event Count  
<lpm> Log file set parameters message  
<lpn> Log parser set name  
<lsn> Log file set name
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  • I've been looking desperately for this as well.  I've seen people mention that some SQL views may be accessible as well, but no details are ever included.

  • I had to do some creative searching in the help, but I found something valuable.  The important item is the listing for <db-view.column> and I have confirmed that the view columns I have tried are working.  The one piece I'm missing is either the Organization Name or an Organization level custom field.  They don't appear to be in the list of available database views.  I'm on SaaS, so I don't think I can add custom SQL.