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Get alerts when the specific agent procedure fails

  • Hi i am creating a agent procedure and i want an alerts send to my mail when this procedure fails . i need some help


  • It depends on the procedure, but for example if you're installing an application you could run an if testfile to look for the exe in program files, if it exists send a success e-mail and if it fails send a failure e-mail.  What kind of procedure are you creating?

  • The agent procedures status and runtimes are stored in a SQL table -- if you're comfortable with sql jobs you can have support help you write a query for your specific agent procedure and then have sql send an email depending on the status.

    SQL alerting is a good complement to the Kaseya system for various things.

  • ,  Under Monitoring, Alerts, there is an "Agent Procedure Fail" alert.  You can set this if you want to get emailed about failed scripts.  help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

    This is only going to tell you if there is an error with the script, not an error with what the script is doing.  Often the script will run perfectly, but something is not working on the local machine, so it doesn't do what you expect it to do.    In these cases, you have to build in the "error" checking into your script to see if a file or directory was created.