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Alert on Computer Name Change?

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Is there a built-in Kaseya alarm/email methodology for when a computer name changes? If not, I'll just build it but I didn't want to go about doing that if it was possible to do already.


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  • We wound up building our own - can be a VBS, but ours is compiled.

    We run a procedure that runs our app, the procedure passes the current Machine.Group name as an arg. The app checks for a locally stored copy - if blank, it sets the local value and exits "OK". If present, it compares the previous value with the current value, returning OK or CHANGE. "CHANGE" can trigger an alert. Our monitor identifies when the group or computer name has changed, as we run a procedure when the agent moves in or out of a specific group. You can easily Split() the string and compare only the agent name, only the group name, or whatever - even returning a code that identified which part (or parts) changed.