Hi all,

Searched the forum and can't find any other discussions on this so I'd like your advice or help with Alarms and their possibly actions? Thanks to kaseya remediation and monitoring our servers are much healthier and now 95% of our alarms are sites losing connectivity only and logging offline alarms.

Our standard offline alarm threshold is 5mins and the action is to send an email to the help desk which then automatically logs a ticket. This all works well but how do I mitigate another email 5 mins later, and another email 5 mins after that over and over again unless I suspend the server monitor until site connectivity is re-confirmed and working?

Is there a feature that send only one offline alert email and will not send another until after the agent is re-armed or back online again instructing the system to then be aware for a new possible offline instance?

Hope that makes sense? As always, thanks in advance,