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Custom Monitor Sets - "% committed in bytes"

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I've been trying to create a custom monitor set to alert/email the techs when the server memory exceeds a certain threshold.  I have created the monitor set using INSTANCE "% Committed Bytes in use" and assigned it to a server that is peaking the RAM (done on purpose so that the monitor set alarm threshold triggers), but when I look at Monitor Log and I choose my custom monitor set to view, the graph Y axis is showing in actual RAM available, not %'s.  Also, it seems as I adjust the ALARM THRESHOLD to various levels just to test, it's as if all the data and values Kaseya has captured off the server adjusts. In other words, if I set the ALARM at 90%, the data will show the server RAM just below the ALARM line; so it never alarms us.  Then I tried adjusting the ALARM to 70% (thinking it would definitely alarm now), and the data shows that the RAM is sitting just below the ALARM line at about the same proportion as it was when the ALARM was set to 90%.  Basically, the ALARM THRESHOLD is never reached even though in reality, this one server in particular is using about 90% of it's available memory; obviously if the ALARM THRESHOLD never hits, then we never get alerts or emails.  

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  • Hi  

    Can you show us what your seeing in the monitor log and your current configuration of the monitor set itself?

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  • Hi  

    Can you show us what your seeing in the monitor log and your current configuration of the monitor set itself?

  • I am actually having the same issue, i have attached a link to what I have the Monitor Set configured too:


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  • sorry, had no idea I got any replies to this because COMMUNITY never shows when you have replies unless you look through your DISCUSSIONS.  Yes I will attach a screen shot here if I can.....

  • Looking at the dates on this, it has been a little while since I have looked at this issue.  We had one specific server running that RAM was pegged on, so this was perfect for when I was working on this awhile back.  Now the server has been upgraded, and it is not pegged anymore, so I can't really show you what I was seeing from way back.  Looking at it now with the current monitor sets, it looks like it's behaving alright.  I do remember reading in Kaseya that these alerts can take a while to "settle in" and work the way you want them to, so maybe the two months, since I have looked at this issue, seemed to have allowed these alerts to set in and work now.

    I just know it is frustrating when you need results in a timely manner, yet Kaseya takes days for it to give you the real results.  Not just the monitoring, but other modules of Kaseya seem to have this issue as well.  I have another ticket opened up about the registry info Kaseya pulls from its endpoints though.  Maybe you have some input on that one? AGENT DISCUSSIONS: "Kaseya Database does not pull endpoints FULL registry information" is what the discussion is called.

  • I'm going to mark this question ANSWERED since the issue has seemed to work its way out in Kaseya.  I have no idea why, maybe it just takes many many days for Kaseya to finally kick it into the environment.  I want to thank an0nymity and Nicolas for responding and I give them credit for the answer.  Thanks guys!