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Monitor file age in specific folder

  • Does anyone know if Kaseya has the ability to monitor files in a specific folder for age? Ideally it would alert if there are files in the folder older than X hours, then run an agent procedure we created to resolve the issue. 

    I know there are other monitoring tools that can alert on this, but the ability to have Kaseya run an agent procedure when it detects the issue is what I am looking for here. 

  • There's no native way to monitor file dates in Kaseya AFAIK but you can write an agent procedure that runs powershell to identify 'old' files and if any results are returned raise an alert / take further action. Schedule the procedure to run every x minutes and you'll have more or less what you asked for ;)

  • I was thinking that too. Was just hoping I missed an option.

    Thanks for the response.