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Alert/Email when server reboots

  • I'm looking for a way for our shared email box to get notifications when any server we manage reboots. Is there anyway you guys can think of to accomplish this? I really only want the alarm if the server reboots, not just if the agent is going offline because of some sort of internet issue. 

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  • You may want to build an event set that will check the System log of the server for Event ID 6009 with the source of EventLog.  This is in an informational alert in the System log that appears when a server reboots so you will have to be monitoring for Informational alerts.  All you would need to do is when you create the set is make the Event set name say something like "#MID# - Server reboot detected" (we always include the Machine ID first in our alert emails so we can identify the server and site).

    The problem that I can see in monitoring Informational alerts is you have to turn it on for every servers System log, so you may get a huge amount of other informational alerts coming in.

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    You don't need to collect event logs into the VSA/database in order to be able to monitor and alert on specific events.  If you want to report on the events via Info Center, you would need to collect them, but collection isn't necessary for monitoring.  The exception is if you are running a very old version of VSA, which did used to require collection.  That requirement was removed in 6.2ish (give or take a version).  

    If you're using a current version of VSA, you should be able to be notified on only the event(s) of interest without having to deal with unnecessary information.  Or have I misinterpreted your comment?  

  • Kaseya has a default monitor set called "ZC - Server Reboot".   It is a standard Perfmon counter that keeps track of System Up Time.   You simply monitor it for when the value falls below say 900 seconds (5 min), and it alarms.

    You probably have it in your Kaseya samples, but here it is:

    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>

    <monitor_set_definition version="1.0">

    <MonitorSet name="ZC-Server Reboot" description='Check the Status of Server Uptime.' enableCounterMatching='0'>


    <Counter name='System Up Time'  description='null' counterObject='System'  counter='System Up Time'  counterSampleInterval='60' collectionOperator='Over'  collectionThreshold='0' trendTimeSpan='14' trendReArm='1' thresholdOperator='Under'  thresholdAmount='900' thresholdDuration='60' thresholdWarning='0' thresholdReArm='1'/>