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Monitor Application Versions

  • I have some questions regarding the following:

    I have been asked to monitor application versions of applications like Adobe Reader and Java. If an out of date version is detected it should send an email or run an agent procedure. The downside is that I may not use third party tools (like Ninite or Chocolatey) to achieve this.

    Did anyone manage to do something like this?

    Maybe with writing application version to a log file and monitor this or monitor the registry key. Or is this not possible at all?

    Is there also an online repository available which keeps track of the latest application versions to use for a monitoring script?

    Regards, Pattie

  • If I were forced to report on something like this, I'd use the Kaseya views and Info Center to spit out a regularly scheduled report.

    1) Make sure your endpoints have an up to date audit. Audit -> Collect Data -> Run Audit -> Schedule Audit -> Latest Audit.  Pick a schedule.  Run it regularly.

    2) Create a view that filters for the application you want.  Applications -> Contains -> java.exe -> Version String is < 8.0.91*  Fair warning:  You're going to have to play with this to find the right settings for the view.  That version number is probably wrong.  It'll change for every application.  

    3) Go to the info center and create a report.  Generally what you want is an Add/Remove Programs data set report with Computer Name and Application name column selections, and "Application name, Like, Java" selected in your advanced features.  This will spit out a list of all versions of Java installed on computers.

    4) Schedule the new report to run on just the view you just setup.  

    Every once in a while you'll start getting an email listing all the machines running an outdated version of Java in your system.

  • Hi  

    I believe the below thread was similar request to this with some possible suggestions:


  • Thank you both, for the quick replies.

    For now I will use the reports, since that's the east and fastest way to monitor this for now.

    Can't believe I never thought of that myself Embarrassed