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Adobe Issues Emergency Update To Flash After Ransomware Attacks

  • Happy Friday!

    I wanted to bring this to the Kaseya Community's attention:  


    Get that software deployment ready to fire =)

  • Thank you.  We don't have Ninite or KSDU or whatever it's called, I'm assuming this also works?  (MSI from http://www.adobe.com/sea/products/flashplayer/distribution3.html)

  • Personally, I am not entirely confident with the executefile command for this.  Kaseya does have an installMSI command which will suit your needs here.

    I personally like executeshell for msi installations with logging capabilities for QA/Error checking for robust automation capabilities.

  • Thanks oromero that is very helpful to know.

     For upgrading we use the Upstream scripts simply modified to check if the user is logged and reschedule if they are

  • THank you Oromero. That was very nice of you to give us the heads up.