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Need alerts help..

  • I've been tasked with doing majority of the Kaseya things. The one guy who was an "expert" left, and the second guy is just putting out fires as they come. I'd obviously like to change that. 

    I'm trying to find where all alerts are so I can see what's in place, vs whats need to be put in place.

    Next, how do I properly setup a low disk space alert? I read something about Low Disk Space alert acts up sometimes and picks up USB drives which messes with it. 

    Finally, if you have any tutorials you can throw towards me, I'd be more than happy to read them.

  • The best advice that I can give you is to speak to your account manager and get your KCA done, It will give you all that information and more.

    Plus being KCA certified gives you a better level of Kaseya support.

  • Hi  

    I highly recommend reviewing the free materials available at Kaseya University

    Also as  mentioned, getting the Kaseya Certificatied Administrator helps. (You may want to check out the Community FAQs > Training section)

    However, most of the standard monitoring is available in the VSA under the 'Monitor' Module, under Monitor > Agent Monitoring > Alerts > Drop Down Menu option (The Summary option will give a quick view into all the alerts applied to the box, not including monitor/snmp sets and system checks).

    These correspond to fixed alerts, which are pretty basic.

    However, for more important disk monitoring I recommend leveraging Monitor Sets as they have the ability to re-arm.

  • Listen to and get your KCA done. I cannot even begin to tell you how valuable it is. I would be totally screwed if I didn't have mine. Best decision I could have made in my position. Saved me days, not hours, at this point....