I am new to Kaseya and am trying to setup monitoring in my VSA, for several organizations. I want to set the #sev1alertemail# (and sev2/3) e-mail addresses, so I can create policies with Monitor Sets (and not have to manually specify the e-mail address). Looking at http://help.kaseya.com/webhelp/EN/SSP/9020000/#11221.htm, it seems like I have to select System -> Orgs/Groups/Depts/Staff -> Manage -> select and org -> Systems Management -> Configure. Then I have to enable Automated Systems Monitoring and provide an e-mail address for Patch Alerts.

  • If System Monitoring and Alerts is enabled for an organization, how does it find an alertable item? Are alertable items configured in Policy Management?
  • Why am I required to provide a "Patch Alerts" e-mail address if I am not also enabling Patch Management?
  • The "Patch Alerts" e-mail address populates the sev1, 2, and 3 alert fields. What if I wanted them to be different?
  • When I look at the policies applied to the org with Automated Systems Monitoring enabled, I see several folders applied. Are all policies within those folders applied to the org?