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Simple: How to Correctly create the Monitor Set for CPU Performance

  • I am having trouble getting an alert setup for CPU Utilization Percentage. Here is how I currently have it setup:

    Object: Process

    Counter: % Processor Time

    Instance: ?? (Should I have this set?)

    Collection Operator: Over

    Collection Threshold: 50

    Sample Interval: 60

    Alarm Operator: Over

    Alarm Threshold: 80

    Duration: 180

    Re-Arm Alarm: 180

    Warning %: 2

    Trend Activated: 0

    Trending Window: 14

    Re-Arm Trending: 0

    AllConfigID: Blank

    I did a CPU Burn and confirmed my CPU running at 90% or above for 10 minutes and I didn't get any alarms.  Am I missing something?  I want an alarm to activate when a CPU is running over 80% for more than 3 minutes (1 minutes check-ins).

    Thanks! Big Smile

  • Give these settings a shot (personally I wait until it is over 90% for 10 minutes and even longer if they are virtual servers)

    Object: Process

    Counter: % Processor Time                         % Processor Time

    Instance: ?? (Should I have this set?) YES! :)         _Total

    Collection Operator: Over                             Over

    Collection Threshold: 50                               75

    Sample Interval: 60                                       1  (MINUTES, hours, days)

    Alarm Operator: Over                                    Over

    Alarm Threshold: 80                                      80

    Duration: 180                                                 3 (seconds, MINUTES, hours, days)

    Re-Arm Alarm: 180                                          1 (second, minutes,hours, DAYS)

    Warning %: 2                                                 10%

    Trend Activated: 0                                             No Trending

    Trending Window: 14                                        14 Days

    Re-Arm Trending: 0                                           1 Days

    AllConfigID: Blank