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Is it possible to change the subject line of emails sent for Monitoring Set alarms?

  • We email certain alarms to our Connectwise email connector that are made into Connectwise tickets.  The subject lines look like "Monitoring generated Counter ALARM at 9:44:18 am 17-Dec-15 on laptop-002.root.clientcompany N/A"

    We use Connecwise workflow rules to auto-assign tickets with certain subject lines to specific teams, so it would be nice if the alarms could have some words in the subject line that distinguishes them by alarm type.  Is that possible?

  • Hi  

    You can alter the body and subject line of alerts / monitor sets / system checks / snmp sets using the format email option:

    I created a very detailed write up some time ago on all the options available and explain the time zone capabilities with this KB:


  • Thanks Nicolas!  I noticed that changing the format affects all the emails, so I just put <mn> in the subject line, so I'm assuming that will work to distinguish them.  Thanks again.