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How to monitor for a missing file

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We have a client that has a usb drive that fails regulary, and we are unable to determine why.  To help troubleshoot we would like to monitor when a dummy.txt file goes missing.  Is there a way to monitor for a specific file and alert on this when it is gone?  I know that I can use a schedule procedure for this, however we need this to be somewhat real time monitoring.

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  • You can probably use a vbscript to monitor for a missing file but let me offer another alternative. Use agent monitoring and monitor for hardware changes. If monitoring detects a hardware change have it execute a vbscript that checks to see if a USB drive is connected. If there isn't one connected the script can send you an email.

  • The downside to using hardware-changes monitoring is that it's audit-based. It'll only trigger whenever you do a Latest Audit, which is probably weekly, at most once per day.

  • What about using the eventlog to track the disconnection of the device;


  • Also Nirsoft has a USB logging tool that you could use;