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ICMP Blocked, Need to ensure I can Telnet on a regular basis.

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I need some advice wrapping my head around this.  ICMP is blocked on several servers, but I can "Tenet" to those clients on port 3000.   Is there a way I can setup a Telnet test that will periodically login to see if it can connect to that server and port WITHOUT creating endless telnet sessions from those servers?

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  • Hi  

    I am not sure exactly what you are trying to check for or monitor.

    However, it sounds as though you may want to check out Classic Monitor > External Monitoring > System Check > Port Connection Check, if you have not already:

    If you have already tried this, perhaps more details on the exact conditions you want to monitor on these devices may help us point you in the right direction.



  • Duh!!!  I knew this....  I gotta start drinking the Caffeinated coffee