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Pass agent name to script after offline alert

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Hi all,

I've been looking for a good solution for the following problem, maybe some of you know how todo this or know a better solution.

When an agent goes offline, we have ASE activated on the offline alert. Alert in the monitor, script to our monitor screen PC, email to the servicedesk mailbox.
We've made an executable which will show a big red screen with the text "Agent offline" and plays a alarm sound on our monitor screen. We do this through by simply running the executable on the monitor PC.

Now we would like to also have the agent name on the monitor. Instead of making 200 seperate executables with the names, I would like to pass a argument to the application with the agent name.

Can this be done in the procedures of Kaseya? I know you can retreive the agent name from where the procedure is running. But of course we cannot run a procedure on an offline agent.



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  • Interesting question but quite easy to find :)

    I guess this is what you are looking for: help.kaseya.com/.../index.asp

  • Amazing. That's a little hidden gem for me! Thanks Dirk!