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Health Check of HP and Dell servers through Kaseya

  • Hi,

    Is there a way to do the health check of servers in kaseya that includes all information - Bios , firmware upgrade , temperature etc in the same way that we do through tools for these servers like HP Insight Manager for HP servers , Dell Open Manager for Dell Servers etc. ??

  • I'm using www.claudiokuenzler.com/.../check_esxi_hardware.php

    you have to install python and then write an agent procedure to run the script, somehow manage the credentials (I've actually hard coded them into a batch file the script runs) and then collect and process the results.

    But, it's a start.

    in VSA 7.0, you may be able to do better through KNM.

  • Hi Craig,

    I have used these standard monitor sets for the health check , just need to know if it is fine . Also on the basis of these monitor sets will generate report from Kaseya and forward the same to Client.

    Monitors % CPU Utilization, Memory Pages/Sec, Paging File % Usage, Memory RAM Available, Logical Disk % Free Space - Used for Reporting.