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Acronis Event ID for a failure

  • Does anyone have an event set for Acronis (NOT BUDR) to monitor for failures?

    I was going to create one, however the only reference I can find to Acronis' event id's has HUNDREDS of ID's listed, and I can't see one which will just let us know there was a failure.


  • If you're referring to the commercial Acronis and not the Kaseya Acronis CLI version, then you will need to reach out to Acronis support to get info on that.

    As per Kaseya's custom version of Acronis, I have never seen an event ID for just a failure. Usually when I see the Acronis Service throw an error is when there are VSS errors.

    But if for example a backup fails because of lack of space, I don't think I've seen Kaseya Acronis throw an event ID, just the raw Acronis log output.