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Executive Summary

  • Hi,

    I''m trying to make executive summaries for our customers.

    They''ll be send monthly,

    i want to show the customer the amount of succesfull backups each month but its not working.

    They are using Backup Exec by Symantec or Online Back-up Manager,

    Can someone help me with this?

  • While I haven't done this myself, the first thought that comes to mind is to record the windows event log for each of the successful backups.

    Then run a report that does a count of that specific event ID (successful backup) and you will have your tally of good backups for the month.

  • How do i configure this?

  • If you are using  Backup Exec 2012 check under the Reports tab then select the jobs sub tab on the left then you will be presented with a number of reporting options. Failed backup jobs, Jobs Summary, Backup Job Success Rate should be able to provide you with the reports that youre looking for

  • That''s not what i''m looking for

  • Since you can't directly report event counts, what I did was: turn on event logging in Backup Exec, create an event monitor the run an empty procedure every time the event is seen then put the count of that procedure on the executive summary.

  • I use the event monitor -> empty procedure; count -> exec summary report method and it works. The only issue I have is that the event log monitor has a minimum re-arm timeout of one minute, which means the system often misses events, causing the count to be wrong. This happens because our backups can do two or more incrementals in under 1 minute.

    Also, a lot of backup software (e.g. veeam, shadowprotect) no longer log in a way that makes sense to tally; e.g. shadowprotect doesn't log backup jobs starting - only pass or fail, so you have no idea how many backups were tried; only those that passed or failed -> subsequently you have no idea if a backup is in progress (working? hung? waiting for user interaction?) or not.

    Veeam logs one backup start event, but then logs individual job complete entries for EVERY VM backed-up; not the job as a whole, meaning once again the start-> complete numbers don't make sense.

    It's not perfect, but it's all we have to work with in Kaseya. FWIW: veeam have their own Kaseya module so thats OK & I just use that instead. Kaseya have a shadowprotect module too, but it costs extra and we don't want to buy it just to monitor the one server we inherited with SP on it....

  • , are you referring to Windows Event log of the Veeam backup server when talking about that there is no entry for job completion event? If you have any feedback on our Veeam B&R module, I would appreciate if you could share the details via PMs or on the quick conf call.



  • This is what i have done so far:

    To get this to an Executive Summary

    1) Create an event set for "Success" and one for "Failure"

    2) Create an agent procedure for "Success" and for "Failure"

    3) When the event set detects a "Success" or "Failure" event, have the event set run the correct agent Procedure.  The agent procedures then write "BackupExec Success" (or "BackupExec Failure") to the procedure log.

    4) Then, in Executive Summary, on the System Activity tab, add a header that says "Backup Exec"

    5) Add "Backup Success" row type "Script log", reference your procedure above and filter for the message written to the procedure log.

    6) Add "Backup Failure" row type "Script log", reference your procedure above and filter for the message written to the procedure log.

    However it fails to read the Event Viewer and check for the Event ID for success etc.

  • How did u get this to work?

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