Hi, we have a number of servers that we are setting up with KNM, however non of the iLO3 servers work.

They all give the same error when using ilo_3-4_health:

Monitor status

Failed to get BIOS_HARDWARE status
Fans: OK
Temperature: OK
Power supplies: OK
Power supplies (redundancy): Redundant
Failed to get PROCESSOR status
Failed to get MEMORY status
Failed to get NETWORK status
Failed to get STORAGE status

We have tried different versions of iLO including the latest v1.70 but we get the same result, there seem to be a number of older threads on here from people with the same issue but there are no resolutions.

So does anyone use KNM with iLO3 servers, if so do you use you own lua monitor set or one of the defaults and if you do use a default which one do you use?

Thanks in advance for any responses,

Best Regards,


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