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3CX Phone System for Windows

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Does anyone have any experience in using this product?  We have recently taken on a new client that has one installed and on the whole it appears pretty good.  However, the last 2 Friday mornings I have had an issue with 1 of the services stopping.  My question is 2 fold for anyone with experience in this product: -

1.  Are there any standard Kaseya monitoring options we could use for monitoring the services and advising if any of them stop or would this have to be something custom?

2.  Are there any existing tried and tested procedures for restarting the services should they stop for any reason?

Thanks in advance for any help that can be provided.

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PS - we as using the Kaseya SaaS offering.

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  • I know this thread is quite old, but am looking for experience shares from anyone using or having used/supported 3CX phone systems. thanks

  • We support the product for a handful of clients and use it internally.  One of our techs just completed the advanced certification.  We have created simple monitoring sets for it in Kaseya.