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As far as we can see, Kaseya treats an upgrade to a program as though a new program was installed. We don't want to do that, as there are too many routine updates (including anti-virus and the like) to make such alerts useful. Is there any way to report only when a new program is installed, or when a program is totally deleted, not when a program is updated (and possibly deletes some of its files in the process)?

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Kaseya simply looks for new or updated files with the .exe extension. This can be useful but it does lack a certain focus. It doesn't exclude recently installed Microsoft updates etc. Here's a few ideas:

Consider disabling .exe checking in some directories:
    Under Monitor->Alerts. Select Application Changes from the Select Alert Function drop down. You can now exclude one or more directories from being checked for the .exe files. However, this also means a brunch of mal-ware .exe files could hide there without your even knowing.

Use the Windows uninstall list:

    Create a script to dump the uninstall section of the registry. Get the file and have it alert you if it has changed. This will only tell you about "installed or removed items" but it won't tell you exactly which item(s) were added or removed without some form of file comparision. Plus all Windows Updates will be in this list unless you have a way to filter them out.

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We have a client requesting this monitor, but are unable to produce it without including every update to every program and Windows Updates.

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