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Anti-Malware message

  • When I try and run a repair on an for Malwarebytes it gives me the following error. Anyone else seen this?

    6557.Kaseya error.docx

  • What version of Kaseya and KAM? Does anything in this thread apply to you?


  • This is by design - as the repair function requires a license to execute. The logic behind this:

    Repair: Takes license > If license required > Gets applied

    Repair: Takes license > If license not required > Gets returned

  • I have plenty of KAM licenses and it still wont let me run a repair

  • IF such is the case - I hope there is a ticket open with Kaseya to let them know of the issue.  I will test on my server and follow-up.

  • Update: Could execute KAM repair function on test VM's.

  • I have opened up a ticket with Kaseya and am currently working with them on the issue. They have told me this is a known issue that they are working on.