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Check if Connection Gateway has changed

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Wondering if there is any way to setup an alert for when the Agent's Connection Gateway changes.

We would like to use this to detect when a client's primary link has failed and has automatically changed to the backup link.

I can only seem to find basic Agent Status alerts along with a number of Event log and others but none for this specifically, or perhaps is there a way to do this with Monitor Sets?

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  • I use External Monitoring for that works great just make sure to allow ping response from their firewall.

  • At a long shot, how about an SNMP Monitor on the device handing the link failover/failback process?

    External monitoring doesn't always work, especially if you're using BGP to make your 'net connection seamless regardles of interface - you need a higher level of intelligence than the basic agent alone can offer.

  • SNMP ----> but than you need KNM

  • Base Kaseya includes SNMP support. Monitor -> assign SNMP.  No KNM required.

  • Hi Graig,

    would like to believe you....however tried to implement this in the past but never succeeded.

    can you explain in details ?


  • I've had an agent procedure set to run every 1 minute to check this pretty successfully.  

    Basic work flow:

    1) If True (This forces a full agent check in and updates the Gateway entry in Kaseya)

    2) Use "If checkVar ("#vMachine.ConnectionGatewayIp#") is Equal To "" to check the gateway.

    3) Add a step for whatever action you'd like to take (email, alert, make setting change etc...)

    Best of luck!

    Toby vanRoojen

    Kaseya US Sales