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Port Monitoring

  • Is anyone using Kaseya's External Monitoring System Check to test ports to make sure they are open and alert on them if they close? We recently had an issues where port 25 was being blocked by the ISP's modem. From this we would like to start monitoring this port to make sure it never happens again, but I wasn't sure how well the built in kaseya monitor worked or if there are better tools that are in use for this.

  • Hi Jake,

    I have not seen this feature used as much as others.

    However, it does work and will alarm if a port is disabled or not allowing access.

    The port check can be implemented on a specific agent and then you can test and verify it is working as desired.

    Here is a example configuration: 


    Once the configuration is setup, you can verify the commands and the port that it will be checking on the assigned agent.

    On the assigned agent in the working directory (default agent directory is 'kworking'), there will be a file in the 'Kmonitorsets' folder called "syscheck$<variousnumbers>.xml

    Here is a example from my configuration:


    Once the configuration file is pushed, we can verify the results of the Port Check by looking at the output file.

    The output file can be located in the root of the working directory.

    In this example Port 996 was disabled on the firewall of this IP Address, which is returning a connection time out.

    This example did trigger a alarm. However, please keep in mind that the agent performing the test must be able to initially reach this IP Address and Port or alarms will continue to trigger.