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Alert Emails Not Sending

  • Hello all,

    We have one of our several clients not receiving alert emails. This happened suddenly and no changes had been made to their settings. The emails are set to be sent to several domains and none are being sent. Let me know any other information I can go find to help figure this out. Thank you for your help. 

  • Happened to me a few times. There was a windows service i needed to restart on my Kserver but cant remember which one. Can also restart the server.

  • Under System tab, Server Management, Outbound Email.   1) in the Status box, check for pending and failed., 2)  Click Log tab at top and see if you see messages going out, and 3) from General Tab, send a test message to yourself.

    Remember Kaseya uses a separate SMTP server, so something might have changed there (password, permissions for the IP?)