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Monitoring the Monitor

  • I'm in the same boat...I've talked to Mark (Kaseya presenter in the labs for monitoring) at Connect 2 prior years about this and he told me work was being planned to automate repair of broken/missing counters and making this visible somehow within the product.  The LUA processes now in the product appear to be TRYING to help, but in some cases have made things worse by masking the missing counters by simply removing them.  He also showed me the UI for adding scheduling of email alerts that never made it to the product.  We have lost business from this issue and find a new instance all the time.  We were actually in the planning stages of moving all our server monitoring from VSA to Zyrion Traverse when they were acquired, at least that product puts the Tests in an Unknown state when something breaks and we can assign actions to this to proactively repair them.  We all understand that a portion of the issue lies in the Monitor Set configuration we are responsible for, part to local environmental issues such as working folder permissions, perfmon counter issues, etc. - but if Kaseya understands root cause why can't they help automate the solutions (hello, Procedures?) and most importantly find a way to report or alert on the issues themselves, rather than just expecting their customers to find the issue AFTER their customers have outages that were not prevented by the monitoring we built out for them?

    I'll be watching the roadmap carefully to see if ANY changes to the core Monitoring module are coming, or if Kaseya is going to help us migrate these functions to KNM or Traverse possibly.  When I reviewed the 6.5 Beta Release Notes and there are only 2 security vulnerability updates to this module, no other fixes or enhancements.  Let's all hope we aren't going unnoticed with the focus on the AV and Backup products in this release and Remote Control in the May one.

  • I have found that non-working service monitors can be identified by comparing the assigned monitor sets to the monitor log and checking if any assigned monitor sets are not listed.  The problem with that is I can't go though several hundred servers and manually do that every so often to make sure my monitors are working.

    Can anyone suggest an automated method to find this?

    The second problem is that the best solution I have gotten from Kaseya Support is to run update list by scan, wait for it to complete, remove the monitor set, then re-assign the monitor set.  I would really like to see a quicker, or even better automated solution.

    Overall, I am pretty frustrated with this...

  • Do a "Monitor Configuration" report, it will show "No Data" for services that have stopped checking in.

  • hi gopinath,

    where can i find the collectlogs.sql ?


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