Hi All,

I am getting a bit stuck when it comes to actions on alarms.

Most of our customer's servers are expected to be busy between the hours of 12am and 6am while backups and maintenance of Exchange and SQL etc. are being run.  I have read this same scenario many times but  I can't quite see how to get Kaseya to perform the actions I want.

When monitoring triggers an alarm for the agent I want to check the time and if it is between the hours of 12am and 6am then suspend the alarm for 1 hour or so.  When the alarm is triggered again it will check again.  If the alarm is triggering after 6am then I want it to alert or send an email.

I can create a procedure to check the time and suspend the alarms no problem but if the alarm is running a script instead of just sending an email after 6am how do I get Kaseya to send the email you would normally get for the alert?  Are the details of the alert stored somewhere that they can be retrieved and emailed?  It would be great if this sort of checks could be added to the monitoring.